Entrepreneur & angel investor

Looking for an entrepreneur & angel investor with experience across online industry?

Casper Ravn-Sørensen, the serial entrepreneur and online expert is changing the game of angel investing. The key to success in Casper’s investment model is network, knowledge and experience. He believes that if you combine a great idea with the right investor, the success is guaranteed. Young entrepreneurs should focus on finding the investors that will support and encourage their ideas. Angel’s should not act like a “loan source”, and entrepreneurs should not look only for money. Therefore, Casper opines that investors with entrepreneurial talent and expertise are the sources of brainpower and success.

Putting his ideas to work, Casper has built his own online empire. Furthermore, he started his career when he was only 20 years old. Over the years, his hard-work became admirable, his ambition and determination showed no limits. He made more moves and less announcements, and succeeded. Although, he was taught in very harsh circumstances. As an entrepreneur & angel investor, he has learned the hard way. Therefore, he knows what are you struggling with, what you need and where to get it.

Together with his business partner, Mads Emil Fast Dahlerup, they founded a venture company called Dotcom-Capital. Through, Dotcom-Capital the entrepreneurs have access to knowledge, experience, network and capital. Casper and Mads have a well diversified portfolio of investments. As a result, some of their most recent projects and investments can be found here.

Casper believes in the potential of hard working entrepreneurs that few other investors believe in. He has a proven record that his strategy and approach work. His knowledge, experience and network is a winning formula for a fast growth, that you might look for.

“Surround yourself with professionals that share the same values and have the same aims for future as you have. A combination of drive, dedication and ambition is the path to success”, says Casper.

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