3 entrepreneurial stories of successful ladies – is your the next one?

While business used to be a male dominated territory, nowadays there are as many successful businesswomen as there are businessmen.

To celebrate the rise of equality in the business world, I decided to present 3 entrepreneurial success stories of women CEOs.

Harriet Mills Wine & Design

Harriet used to have a typical corporate job, but a series of events led to her becoming the successful entrepreneur we know today. It all happened after she had a baby and lost her job. She didn’t have much savings and wasn’t sure what to do. And you know what she ended up doing? First of all, she didn’t lose motivation and desire to strive. She came up with an idea and became an entrepreneur.

Her company Wine & Design offers painting classes and wine degustations all at once. She started out with one idea and a single location, and is now running a widely-successful business that has location across the country! And the best thing is that she’s found happiness in both her professional and private life!

Tiffany Angeles

Just like Harriet, Tiffany also had a corporate job, but she wasn’t satisfied with it. She wasn’t comfortable with leaving that position, so she tried to start something of her own on the sidelines. Starting with photography business, but later developing her own company that offers advice on how to manage your finances. Now, she is in love with her job and loves being able to give advice to others and help them with money management. Today, she has her own business, a blog, a podcast and much more!

Oprah Winfrey

It’s impossible to talk about women entrepreneurs without mentioning Oprah. The African American mega-mogul started out as a journalist on a local radio station. Despite her difficult upbringing and racism she had to face, Oprah managed to become the most powerful journalist on the planet. What’s interesting to us is that she went on to start numerous successful businesses such as a television station, a magazine, and many other companies. All it took was courage, determination and hard work!


As you can see, there many successful women in business

Some of them are well known all around the globe, others should be more known as they are bright examples of entrepreneurs. All in all, do your research, check out other people’s success stories, believe in yourself and you might be the next success we’re all talking about!


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