A very easy and simple business guide to Snapchat

As every entrepreneur knows, social media presence is nowadays crucial for every company. Social media allows you to sell, communicate, promote and much more, which is why entrepreneurs should become familiar with the most popular platforms around.

While Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are well-known business tools, many underestimate the power of Snapchat. Even though Snapchat posts are ephemeral, they can still be a powerful way to send a message to your millennial clients.

Snapchat is the “it” application of 2016-2017, so I believe you should absolutely find a way to use it to your company’s advantage.

Don’t know how to use Snapchat in business purposes?

Don’t worry, it’s fairly simple and even fun for entrepreneurs to run a business page on Snapchat.


First of all, as with any other social media platform, you need to sign up and create your account. This will give you access to Snapchat’s features that you can use for your business. You should know that Snapchat is mostly mobile-based, so it is the perfect way to increase your presence among mobile-only users. Once you’ve set up your account, you can personalize it so that your potential clients can find you easily. When this initial process is done, here is how you can put Snapchat to good use:

Tease and present new products

The most obvious way to use Snapchat for business is to post images of your products. This may be expected, but it should not be boring. Don’t be afraid to add emojis and to be slightly more informal than on some other platforms, this is what Snapchat users came for. You can also tease new products or even create a full story on how it’s made or how it will be presented once it’s released. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

Take your clients behind the scenes

One of the best ways to use Snapchat for your business is to take clients behind the scenes, where it all happens. Snapchat users love spontaneous content, so they will be thrilled to see how your products are made, who are your team members or to experience the atmosphere at your office. This kind of content will help you create a bond with your potential clients who will feel a personal connection to your products.

Announce special events

Another great way to use Snapchat for business is to announce events linked to your company. You can inform your clients about special sales, about launch events or new stores, anything’s possible. From time to time, when you have no other upcoming events, you can even make a Snapchat-exclusive event such as a contest for Snapchat users. This is a great way to promote new products and get more people involved.


By now, you are familiar with all the possibilities that Snapchat offers. What to do next? Post, create, be present. As with all social media sites, you need to make sure you have a consistent presence. Your clients will expect a certain amount of content on weekly bases, you should not disappoint them. Consistency and quality are the keys to success.


Be creative, be natural, be honest and your account will gain popularity for sure. If you want to learn more on how to explore social media for your company, check out the rest of the blog or contact me directly, I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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