Email marketing – building your own email list

Email marketing – building your own email list can increase your business sales. If you are running an online business or any kind of business, you might need to stay in touch with your prospects and costumers. Email marketing is directly sending a commercial message to a preferred group of customers. It therefore became more common and effective to communicate a message through email. Most of the online businesses have an online traffic strategy in place.

Building an email list allows you to drive traffic to your business with just one click. It will improve your email strategy.

With a large number of subscribers to your email list, you can build a community around your website. It can be developed in a niche and eventually increase considerable your sales.

It is also important to use an autoresponder service to build your email list. You can look at companies like Mailchimp, iContact or GetResponse and try to create a profile for your business. The companies mentioned above have a well established reputation within online marketing, but they can help businesses of all sizes.

There are a huge number of smaller companies that offer this email service, but it is advisable to start with the big ones, because their product just works. If you start out with no email or a small number of emails (which most of the companies do), then you can almost get this email service for free.

Once you’ve built up an email list, then it is important that you make sure you maintain this and send them good and relevant offers 2-8 times pr. Month (depending on your business model).

It is very important you manage your email marketing strategy effectively. Don’t make your customer to unsubscribe from your service the next day, and advice his/hers neighbour to do the same.

Good luck with your newsletter.

// Casper Ravn-Sørensen


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