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Entrepreneur – the right mindset

Entrepreneur and founder of Dotcom-Capital, Casper Ravn-Sørensen, says people with a self-drive and passionate about their idea, are more likely to become entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs think and act differently. With the freedom and flexibility, there is also a great deal of responsibility, which not every person can handle. Therefore, being your own boss is not for everyone.

A successful career is built up from many years of discipline, dedication, desire and dreams. Do you have a urge to create something for yourself, to go out of your comfort zone and see what the world has to offer? Accepting the failure, and being able to handle it well. Also, accepting the success and keep on being that awesome person you were before. Building something from nothing, protecting your dreams from people that don’t believe in you. Handling the sleepless nights and the work that never ends? If this life doesn’t scare you — go for it!

What is the entrepreneurial mindset?

  1. Self-starter. 

    You take initiative and finish everything ones started. Not being scared of failure or any obstacles on your way, embracing each step. This is the attitude we look forward at Dotcom-Capital. There is no other person next to you that leads your way, and tells you what do you. You are a self-learner, driven by ambition to become better every day. Without a natural drive and self-control, your work can fall apart, immediately. Therefore, being in control over your emotions when it comes to stress, risk and pressure is everything.

  2. Empathy and people skills.

    If you are a loner you are never going to achieve your goals as a business owner. As an entrepreneur you must know how to approach people. How to make yourself comfortable while talking to them, as well as making other people feeling comfortable talking to you. You must develop your own style and personality, and be yourself in every situation. Be empathic, and learn to listen and trust. Communication is a necessity in any business, especially when you are the owner. You have to face partnerships, customers, network, colleagues, meeting, within your industry and outside. Learning people and opening up to them will create many opportunities for you.

  3. Fearless.

    Success is dictated by your actions and your personality. If you are being afraid of everything, how you intend to become successful? You should be aware that everything can happen, and accept the worst. Your idea can be unsuccessful, your investors can turn their back on you and this can be the end of your era. But, is this the right approach when starting a business? Being fearless will drive away your focus from negativity. Your focus has to be 100% over your idea and your success. If you feel the fear it means you are not challenged and confident enough.

  4. Motivated by challenges.

    That is the entrepreneurial mindset, to feel motivated by challenges. Challenges are everywhere, both good and bad ones. If this makes you jump into it, and take full advantage of everything it has to offer, follow your instincts. Motivation is everything when it comes to entrepreneurship. Is the approach you have to apply towards your dreams, goals, wishes; regardless if you are a business owner or not. Partners, investors, employees, everyone is going to follow a motivated leader. Being motivated about their business and working together, the team from got their capital after the meeting with Dotcom-Capital investors. “It was a great indicator that demonstrated how ambitious and passionate they were about their business.” says the founder Casper Ravn-Sørensen.

  5. Creativity.

    Creativity is not only applied among entrepreneurs working within the art. It is a common component that identifies your ability to think unordinary. Finding innovative and creative ways to solve problems, or approach solutions. You should see and do things in a different way, your own creative way.

  6. Hardworking. 

    People who are willing to put in the most work, are usually the ones that collects the rewards. You must make sacrifices for the success of your business. The average is not enough. As an entrepreneur, the heavier you workload the greater you celebrate. The following quote says it all “entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” — Anonymous. 

  7. Leadership.

    People will always follow a leader. Your biggest reward is when you don’t ask to be followed – but you are, with passion, ambition and enthusiasm. When your team feels your dreams as theirs, and when they are willing to overwork for your interest. Leadership is the best quality, and is in your personality. Being a leader means trusting, caring and sharing. It means that you have to focus not only on your personal success, but also on success of your team mates.

As an entrepreneur your results are based on your inputs. If you are not willing to make sacrifices, taking risk, making mistakes and enjoying it all – your journey will likely be unsuccessful.

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