Entrepreneurs should receive more support. Danish government announced that they want to create more job. Recently, they presented a so-called stimulus package to “put the wheels in motion”. I personally find that the political proposal is substantially unsatisfying. I don’t see any future improvements for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The proposal is not going far enough and that leaves us with an unchanged situation. The conditions for starting a business and creating jobs in Denmark is too bad.

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to create new jobs and contribute to society. However, there are many entrepreneurs working without any incomes. As it is usually associated with significant depreciation of building a new business. But it is precisely those entrepreneurs who could ultimately create the jobs, are not getting enough support. Therefore, I believe the politicians have to do significant changes for them. They must be able to feel supported and encouraged to work on their dream. Without being forced to take large loans or mortgage their values. The government should see entrepreneurship as an investment in the future. Instead, these entrepreneurs have exactly the same conditions as established companies.

When you start a business and work hard 60-70 hours a week, without expecting a profit in the first long time. Your commitment and determination to succeed deserves praise.

For me, it is only Liberal Alliance who really understands what it takes in order to create the necessary jobs in Denmark. They understood that through entrepreneurship and a strong economy the welfare system of Denmark will endure. But with the current government which creates tougher options for entrepreneurs, we will end up in a black hole.  Where fewer and fewer are adding money in the treasury, and more and more pulls money out of it.

It is important to turn things around, to create favourable conditions for entrepreneurs. Thus, opened the way to start sustainable businesses that can ensure that we will have a functioning welfare system.

A shout-out to the politicians at Christiansborg! There must be better conditions for entrepreneurs in Denmark.

Best Regards

Casper Ravn-Sørensen

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