Have you ever considered starting your own company in Denmark?

Due to the opportunities that technology has created, many people are currently pursuing a self-employment; and if not now, when is the best time for a career change?

Social media has become a great source of promoting and growing your business, involving less human and financial resources. Platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other great platforms, have given you the opportunity to interact with customers worldwide, and find your loyal audience. More than that, now you can make a living from your hobbies and things you enjoy the most.

Denmark is reaching the top of multiple ranks when comes to entrepreneurship. Some of the reasons for Denmark’s success are driven by structured polices and social culture, which ultimately led to other many benefits. There are many cultural aspects that makes Denmark one of the best place to start and run a business. Of course, Denmark has its own rules and regulations you have to be aware off and follow. There are many local associations that works to strengthen entrepreneurship in Denmark. So, if you are considering an entrepreneurial career in Denmark, there are many associations and people ready to help.

What makes Denmark reaching the top when comes to entrepreneurship?

Embrace the cosy Danish concept at work

Hygge is the Danish concept of feeling cosy. Is the concept of familiarity and feeling at home surrounded by the closest people. Introducing hygge in the workplace is a big challenge, but it will bring your team closer to each other, and more committed to your business. Hygge is all about enjoying the environment around you, and transforming the space around you into something more personal for you. Danish entrepreneurs have a win when they encourage their employees to be creative and innovative. Starting from decorating their own working space up to handling projects their way. There are many workplaces that are designed in a very practical, comfortable and hygge, adding something personal from each member.

Hygge is not only about indoor activities, is also about spending qualitative time outside the office; like going for a walk, enjoying the fresh air during lunch, different team buildings, changing the place for your meetings, and many others. If you expect satisfied team and clients make sure you get familiar with the concept hygge.

Danish Entrepreneurs: Teamwork

Danish work culture is based on teamwork. The employees are encouraged to take initiative on working together, because it benefits everyone. Everyone should compete only for the goodwill of the company, not against each other. The team should support and encourage each other, and be happy for each others success.

“Team’s commitment is everything to us. When an entrepreneur it pitching us a project for Dotcom-Capital fund, we approach the team. The team must be committed to business, support each other and complete each other. The team should act as a team, as a force that fights together for the company’s success and their own development. Each member have to feel integrated, having a well understanding of the business and high expectations for the future” said Casper Ravn-Sørensen, the investor at Dotcom-Capital.

Danish Entrepreneurs: Flexibility

Flexible working hours make employees more productive. People want to have a control over their personal and professional lives, therefore their are simply not able to commit to 9 to 5 jobs. It is no surprise that people seek flexible working hours and conditions. They choose to delivery great results by the way they feel more comfortable with. Hereafter, the employees with a successful personal and social life, are more valuable for your company. Independent thinking is just as higgle valued as teamwork. In Denmark people are making these two aspects work together. Being able to handle a personal task during the working hours, makes people feel more appreciated and trusted. Which, ultimately make their working process more enjoyable and free. You can lose talented specialists, if you still believe that 9 to 5 job is the key to productivity.

Danish Entrepreneurs: Management style

Another aspect to learn from Danish entrepreneurs is the management style. Denmark’s welfare system makes it competitive for companies to retain employees. Each employer needs to care more about their employees, and offer them great working conditions. Your employees must see you as a Leader, everyone knows that the bosses has the last decision. But a real Leader is the one that makes the difference, that tends towards equality as a team. The one that cares about his or hers employees, encouraging their professional and personal grow.

Danish entrepreneurs encourage employees to take initiative and provide solutions whether relevant to their tasks or not. This kind of business approach makes every employee feel that their voice is heard and is working for the good of the company.

There are many other aspects that make Danish working policy a remarkable one. If you are an entrepreneur-to-be, make sure you become familiar with the regulations and benefits, before starting your career. It will save you lots of time and open up many doors.

Go hard after your dreams, and don’t let anyone bring you down.

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