Is A Great Boss Hard To Find?

There are many people out there constantly complaining about their boss. Just by listening to them, you would come to the conclusion that all bosses are awful. But is this really true? Is it impossible to find a good boss?

The answer is of course no, it isn’t. However, this can be a difficult mission, which is why I’m here to help.


First of all, you need to know what qualities a great boss has. While it’s impossible to list all the qualities a good boss should have (and it’s equally impossible to find an ideal individual that checks all the boxes), here are some virtues a great boss usually has:

He sets a great example

An amazing entrepreneur does not ask his employees to accomplish the impossible while he sits and observes. No, he is a true leader and he leads by example.

He is a hard-worker

A truly great boss knows the value of work because he himself works very hard. He does have high expectations from his team when it comes to work, but he is the first to put in his time and energy in his project.

He is compassionate

This is an extremely important value as your boss should understand if you are going through hard time. He should have empathy and should be ready to occasionally help out his employees if it’s needed.

He knows how to communicate

The key to running a successful business is communication. A true leader knows how to communicate with his team. He is up to date on everything important that’s happening at the office. And, most importantly, in times of need, he is willing to set aside some of his time and talk to his employees.


So, now that you know what makes a great boss –

How do you know which ones to avoid?

It’s fairly simple, a terrible boss is the opposite of the person I described. He is someone who is only looking for money and he views his team as nothing but a tool for getting what he wants. He treats his team as if they were robots and asks for the impossible. He does not communicate, never listens and is a narcissist. You would never even want to join his team, so look out for these characteristics and avoid this kind of bosses sooner rather than later.


As for our initial question, is it really hard to find a good boss?

I believe it isn’t. I know many great entrepreneurs, and there are so many people out there that finding a good boss can’t be a mission impossible. However, be careful, look for small signs of how that person treats others and you will be able to stay away from awful bosses. Remember, the recruiter is picky when choosing you (or someone else) for a position, you should pick carefully who you want to work for too!


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