Incentivized Traffic

Incentivised traffic

When you set up your affiliate campaign the networks always ask if the campaign can run on incentive medias, right?

Then you ask yourself – What should I answer?

What is incentivised traffic and which sites does incentivised traffic cover?

Incentivized Traffic, as the name implies, is simply traffic that is sent to a site due to the visitor having some incentive. This can be – Sign up and earn points or cash (this is often called cash back sites).
Cash-in-game sites is a rapidly growing marked all over the world. You will discover this in many games for mobile phones /tablets. Cash-in-game is also a part of incentivised traffic.

We see more and more websites / concepts that is build on the cashback / incentivised principles. One of the most popular cashback sites in the UK is called Quidco – This page will give a very good idea about the concept – Incentivised traffic.

Okay, but should YOU go for incentivised traffic with your campaign? 

  • “Yes. You can always get extra traffic, which is good –  Though you should consider a lower price. Signups for ex. a newsletter will have a lower quality and shorter lifetime than non-incentive signups.
  • “Yes, if you run a webshop and people pay with credit card. Why should you not take in some extra sales – the people who wants to buy stuff in your shop does it not just because they get som cash back from the website. They are really interested in your product”, comments Casper Ravn-Sørensen.

Remember that the affiliate networks are capable of differentiated price for your campaigns.

Incentivised traffic is not for everybody who runs an internet business, but everybody should consider it – maybe just use a small budget and test it yourself.

Best, Casper Ravn-Sørensen

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