Looking for an investor for your online business?

Looking for an investor for your online business? 

A webshop from Åarhus is reaching the European market with capital from Casper Ravn-Sørensen and Mads Emil Fast Dahlerup. These two passionate entrepreneurs are partners for over five years now. A while ago they were struggling with many deficiencies in achieving their business goals. Today, they team-up for a new business challenge, and founded a venture capital to help you to achieve yours. “It is essential for both of us to give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to have access to knowledge, experience, network and capital; the resources that we were so limited when we first started”, says the Investor of Dotcom-Capital Casper Ravn-Sørensen and continues.

“We both have been there and we know what it takes to succeed when you have few resources, and all are about to finish soon. Therefore, me and Mads wanted to bring something more into the world of entrepreneurship. We wanted to share our experience with other young entrepreneurs, learning from each other and growing successful businesses together. Therefore, we created the Dotcom-concept. The fund available for online businesses out there, which are in the early stage but with a huge potential in front of them.”

Casper and Mads have already invested in several businesses. The most recent one is a small Danish webshop called Cleanskin.dk. The shop has raised since they received the capital, and has a potential to grow much bigger. The annual grow is estimated to be 5 million DKK, and with a continued growth.

Christian Leth, the Co-founder and CTO of Cleanskin.dk says: “we were looking for a loan since we had an urgent capital requirement. We went to Copenhagen and met Casper and Mads that would rather be co-owners of the company. We thought it was a good idea and we would also rather have them as co-owners than just some people whose money we borrowed. They have a big background and they made some pretty good results.”

The capital they received they will use to buy stock products and invest in the technology that is needed. Also, marketing investment and many other need that the company has.

Where is Clearskin.dk now, after a year?

We are on the market in the whole Europe with a new brand and a whole new platform”, says Christian Leth from Cleanskin.dk and explains that the ambitious growth strategy wouldn’t be possible without their partnership with Casper Ravn-Sørensen and Mads Fast Dahlerup. Interested in more details about clearskin project and investment? Click the following link.

Casper Ravn-Sørensen would like to keep in touch with other entrepreneurs that understand the idea of the “smart money”. You can read more on Dotcom Capital and follow Casper Ravn Sørensen on his blog.

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