Marketing Tools For Instagram

Everyone knows by now that social media is the greatest marketing tool there is at the moment. With almost everyone being on some social media, young entrepreneurs are starting to take note and improve their presence in the online community.

Are you new to the game?

Here are some marketing tools for Instagram that will help you grow your business on this platform.


  1. Later. This handy tool is there to help you schedule posts and do much more. It offers you a visual calendar that makes managing and scheduling your Instagram posts a lot easier. Bonus points for this app? It works with other social media as well (Facebook, for example).
  2. Iconsquare. This useful app is your analytics manager for Instagram.You can track the number of visitors, their likes and comments and much more. With all of this useful info, you will be able to target the right audience and increase your sales in a blink of an eye!
  3. Repost. You have surely seen this app somewhere. Everytime you see the little repost symbol and the hashtag #repost, it’s this app’s handy work. With it, you can repost other people’s posts without having to print screen a photo, crop it and post it to your own page.
  4. Tagboard. This tool is your hashtag adviser. It goes through the hashtags used on Instagram and it then helps you pick the right ones for you and your business in order to increase sales.
  5. Wishpond. This is a lead generator that has numerous tools integrated. What’s its best feature? It helps you organize contests using hashtags. You have probably seen contests where you need to post something and use a particular hashtag. Well, with Wishpond you can organize them too in order to increase your online presence and sales.


These are just some of the tools you can use to improve your business on Instagram. This is an important social media platform and it’s crucial for every young entrepreneur to know how to use it for his business. For more tips, check out


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