Social Media and Entrepreneurship

In our days each entrepreneur should take advantage of what social media has to offers. “Social media is a great opportunity to connect with your customers in a very personal way. Moreover, it allows you to respond quickly to their issues or demands. Certainly, will improve your feedback that ultimately will play a critical role in your company growth,” said Casper Ravn-Sørensen.

Having a social media strategy in place will improve the way your business develops. It will open new perspectives and ideas on your way to success.
I know it’s possible to build strong businesses without a social presence. However, it all depends on what market you are serving, how you are reaching your customers/partners, and your distribution approach. However, the best way of reaching new audience with minimal speed is through social media channels,” said Casper Ravn-Sørensen.

Benefits of social media 

  1. generating potential leads; 
  2. monitoring potential targets;
  3. keeping updated on what is happening with targeted leads;
  4. advertising quickly and easily;
  5. establishing a brand name via different websites, blogs, etc;
  6. providing the opportunity to be reached easily, 
  7. network and engage with other businesses, clients;
  8. building up closer relationships with your customers;
Social media is one of the best way to spread the word about your business. Besides, is the quickest, inexpensive and pleasant way to engage with other people. Additionally, it’s easy to get feedback from your clients and customers. Most important, is the best way to analyse and gather insights into what is your customer needs. There are few major social networks which I believe will help you build your brand awareness and loyalty for your business.
Social network such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram have tools that will allow you to communicate the right content to your audience.
Are you ready to gather benefits from using social media?
Casper Ravn-Sørensen



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